About Us

  • Great Minds Competency Council, an organisation providing education, training and organizing conferences and contest focused on student's knowledge and skill development and situated in Chennai,Tamil Nadu.
  • We conduct competitive examinations and contest for the school and college students and designed in the manner to explore the hidden potential of the students thus nurturing their knowledge and skills.
  • Great Minds Competency Council is managed by professionally qualified people with guidance and support of field experts on the advisory board.


    Our vision is to hone and develop the student's creativity and high order thinking skills in methodical way to enable them to be successful in their career.

Our Activities:

  • We offer competency examinations and contests to develop and nurture the knowledge and creative skills of students.
  • We provide platform to the students to demonstrate their creative thinking, construct knowledge and develop innovative methods to enhance their knowledge and skills in the diversified fields.
  • We publish books, magazines, periodicals, booklets, newsletter etc. on various educational subjects that enhance student's skill other than academic skills.
  • We conduct workshops and seminars on life skill programs to tap the confidence of the students.